BABY AND CHILD hands and feet

On stone effect or wooden plinth
Pairs: hand and foot, both feet or both hands:
0-12 months £105
1-2 yrs £120

Framed pieces
Casts framed in deep oak framed finished and traditionally lined in a choice of colours.

0-12 months £140
1-2 yrs £150

Pair with mounted photo (6?4)
0-12 months £175
1-2 yrs £185

Full sets (both hands and both feet)
0-12 month £170
1-2 yrs £180

Older child and baby sibling from £115
2 older siblings (4-10yrs) from £120
Parent and baby/child from £125

0-6 month £65 (Framed £135)
6-12 months £75 (Framed £145)

Finishes: Natural white, metallic effect (copper, old gold, bronze or pewter) included in price.

Bespoke commissions such as older children, family and sibling sets undertaken and priced on enquiry.


Buttocks from £200
Lower back, bottom and upper thighs from £250
Upper back torso £225
Front torso (from collar bone to below navel) from £275
Front torso with shoulders and upper arms from £350
Full torso (from collar bone to upper thighs) from £400
Full torso (as above including shoulders/upper arms) from £450
Hands/arms on above casts from 70 extra per hand
½ face from £85
Full face (mask type) £150
‘Forever’ Kiss or nipple cast including metallic finish £25 each boxed


High Definition Pregnancy Casts:

Plain stone cast belly £175
Plain stone cast belly and breasts £ 310
Plain stone cast belly and hands £315
Plain stone cast belly, breasts and hands £450

Plaster Bandage Method:

Plain belly only cast – £45
Belly ‘bump’ bowls -£ 85
Plain belly and breasts or hands – £65
Plain belly, breasts and hands – £80

Smoothing of above, from £75 – £200

Decorative effects including metallic coatings, decoupage, mosaics, and paint effects are all individually priced after consultation with the client.

 Home Casting Kits

These contain full instuctions and all you need to create your own cast including mixing vessels and for the pregnancy kits protective floor covering and aprons are also provided…just add water and body part!

Forever Yours Kiss Cast  £25 (inc.postage)

Forever Yours Nipple Cast £25 ( inc postage)

Pregnancy Belly Mask £45 ( inc postage)